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Phone Taps

  • Phone Taps

     Prank calls every weekday on the :20's

  • Clover Does Grocery Store Surveillance - We’ve designed a new fool-proof system for catching shoplifters and it’s all thanks to Jose’s Phone Tap character CLOVER!




  • Bank Complaint Relay – We’re kicking off our countdown of the Top 10 Phone Taps of Christmas with Brooke and Jose double teaming a bank customer service call!




  • Sinister Senior Pranks - Brooke is posing as a high school vice principal and is calling a mother to accuse her son of plotting some of the nicest pranks we’ve ever.




  • Shh It’s Lady Danbury - We’re gonna see how long we can keep a Phone Tap victim on the line while we’re clearly distracted more important things like Bridgerton!




  • Stoner Max Lost Bruno - Coming up in your Phone Tap, we call a guy who tried to save a little money by using a discount Dog Groomer that we lost his precious dog Bruno!




  • Timid Benjamin Wants A Party - Young Jeffrey’s character “Timid Benjamin” is calling to set-up a surprise party for himself, in the bashful way that only he can!




  • Today’s Phone Tap victim recently had their bike stolen, and we thought we would do our best to help. That’s why Murder Mystery Podcast host Jose is going starting his investigation.




  • Today’s Phone Tap victim is expecting a psychic to come to her office’s party, but this year she’s getting “Psychic Pam” and Pam has some troubling visions of the future…





  • Today’s Phone Tap victim has never met his daughter’s new boyfriend and that’s benefitting us because we’re going to introduce him to Jose, a bonafide “Yump Hunter.”




  • In today's Phone Tap, we’re calling a woman and telling her she can’t bring her lunch into the office anymore because the company owns the vending machines and she’s costing us money!




  • Our Phone Tap victim thought our prank was ridiculous.




  • Our Phone Tap victim, Rachelle was fed up with our customers service prank.





  • Today's phone tap victim got a call from "Rolando". She did not like him at all!





  • This Phone Tap victim is a little creeped out.





  • Today's Phone Tap victim did not appreciate the upgrade.




  • Today's Phone Tap victim did not appreciate the prank.






  • Today's Phone Tap victim is just a little annoyed with our prank.





  • Today's phone tap victim might not want to move into his new place after this one...












    Today’s Phone Tap victim is starting a new job soon, and we’re posing as his new supervisor. We’re ready to be the COOL BOSS, the person in the office who is certain she’s the funniest person in the building.






    Today’s Phone Tap victim brought in his Tesla for some routine repairs, but rather than fix his car, we’re going to offer him a new rescue car instead!






    Today’s Phone Tap victim recently went commando under his kilt at a Renaissance Fair and so we’re calling to let him know that kind of behavior is gonna end you up with some medieval style punishment! 











    We’re calling a woman who recently purchased a house and unbeknownst to her: it’s a historical landmark! That’s right, a celebrity used to live there so she better get ready to host some tours!






    Today’s Phone Tap victim recently moved and accidentally ordered a bunch of stuff to her old address. Lucky for her, we’re telling her we just moved into her old place and have her stuff, it’s just slightly used now.


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