Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

Listeners email in their awkward Tuesday phone call requests and we make their dreams come true!

  • Morgan’s Mama Drama

    Today’s Awkward Tuesday Phone Call includes some LEVEL 5 MAMA DRAMA and a listener named Morgan wants to confront her mom after she interfered in a date.

  • Juggling John

    We’re always up to tackle some relationship drama and today we’re using an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call to help listener John with his love life!

  • Don’t Raise The Sails

    The woman in today’s Awkward Tuesday Phone Call emailed us for help because she swears her friend is about to make a terrible financial decision and she doesn’t know how to tell him. We’re making a $10,000 Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

  • 15 Minutes of Gurt

    How do you tell someone you love that their wildest dream might not be achievable? One of our listeners has that very problem with her boyfriend and she chose to email us for an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

  • Thats Not My Name

    Ian has boss probs and we are here to help...hopefully...

  • Catfished

    This Awkward Tuesday Phone Call is so cat-fishy!

  • Holiday Party Chemis-tree

    For today's Awkward Tuesday Phone Call, we’re helping one listener recover from an office holiday party that he says was the “GREATEST NIGHT” of his life… until his boss saw what he was doing…

  • Old Man Dumps

    Joe & Shawna's Awkward Tuesday Phone Call is cringe worthy...

  • Invisible Girlfriend

    Today we have Lauren & Jake on our Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

  • Mr Q Mystery

    Tommy & Jade have a mystery for us today!

  • Mexico Dropout

    Ariana & Kyle have this Awkward Tuesday Phone Call and it's a gem!

  • To Date or Not To Date

    For today's awkward call we have Brandon & Jessica! It's just so awkward!

  • Howl Will I Ever Live Without You

    Trent & Elise are today's awkward phone call. You won't regret listening to this one!