Brooke & Jeffrey - Phone Taps

Prank calls every weekday on the :20's

  • Automology Expert

    In this Phone Tap, Brooke is calling an auto body shop and she’s not going to be taken advantage of just because she’s a woman. In fact she’s the most knowledgeable car owner of ALL TIME!

  • Crooked Refs

    In today’s Phone Tap, we call a guy who recently signed up to be a youth sports ref and tell him all the ways we’re planning to rig the games in our favor!

  • Full House Method

    In this Phone Tap, we’re calling the mother of a pre-schooler to let her know her new pre-school has a peculiar curriculum. It’s called “The Full House Method” and it’s the brain child of Brooke Fox!

  • DJ Hamster Goes Hard

    What 60th birthday present do you get for the best mom ever? How about an original dubstep song from the worst DJ on planet earth. Only in this Phone Tap

  • Voicemail Blackmail

    In this Phone Tap we’re calling a guy and convincing him that HE has been the one prank calling us, and we’re not gonna stand for it any longer!

  • Old Alan Skydiving Instructor

    In this Phone Tap, we call a guy scheduled to try skydiving for the first time and introduce him to his instructor, 80 year old Alan Winterbottom!

  • You’re Right I Should Quit

    In this Phone Tap, Jose is portraying an IT specialist who is on his last straw before finally quitting and he’s just begging for today’s Phone Tap victim to give him a good reason.

  • Chugga Chugga Cheater

    In this Phone Tap, Alexis is calling a college-level teacher’s assistant and seeing if she can blackmail him into giving her answers to the quiz...

  • A-Hole Therapy

    In this Phone Tap we call a guy who just signed up for a therapist for the first time, and while he’s a little nervous about it we’re going to turn that feeling up to 11!

  • Ass Wine

    In this Phone Tap, Jeffrey is calling a grocery store manager and asking for a wine recommendation. He doesn’t know much about wine, but what little advice he does have is gonna come back to bite him.

  • Balloon Party Fail

    In this Phone Tap we call someone planning a big surprise party and let them know we’ve screwed up the entire balloon situation for them. WHOOPS!

  • Power To Planet Pluto

    In today's Phone Tap, we’re pretending to be a substitute teacher and calling today to say his son has been acting up in class and we’re not tolerating tomfoolery!

  • Clover Tinder Fail

    We tried to make today’s Phone Tap victim uncomfortable before a tinder date with “Clover” but her reaction surprised us all instead!

  • Gentle Talking Construction Worker

    In today's Phone Tap, Jeffrey is going to try and get one of the most polite guys we’ve ever had on the show, to curse him out, no matter what it takes.

  • Wireless, Hairless, Careless Cell Service

    In today's Phone Tap Brooke is attempting to set the record for the LEAST helpful customer service call of all time and it all starts with a simple survey.

  • Stop Calling Me

    Today’s Phone Tap victim has been flooded with spam calls recently and we’re gonna add to it all while trying to convince him that HE called US!

  • Big Rick Microwaves a Spoon

    What do you do when your coworker says he’s bored and is thinking about quitting? Set him up for a Brand New Phone Tap!

  • Geriatric Jump House

    Phone Tap is here! we’re calling a party rental place to see if they’ll loan us a bounce house for an 85-year old’s birthday party!

  • Curse of the Cat

    In today's Phone Tap, someone found a lost cat and Jeffrey is ready to claim ownership as long as the woman can get rid of the awful curse possessing it!

  • I Don’t Think That’s A Real Flower

    Alexis is Phone Tapping a woman who just wanted a simple bouquet of flowers for her friend. Flower names can be hard to pronounce though… so we’re going to try to sell her some flowers that are just plain easier to say.

  • Breakfast Bar Bandit

    Today’s Phone Tap victim is currently on vacation and we’re about to banish him from his hotel for stealing BREAKFAST foods!

  • Rolando the Sensual Butler

    Today’s phone tap victim just won a “Butler for a Day” in a charity auction but what he didn’t know is he actually purchased the intimate services of “ROLANDO”

  • Timid Benjamin Emcees A Charity

    Today’s Phone Tap victim is putting on a charity auction but she isn’t going to meet her master of ceremonies until the last minute, when she gets a phone tap from Timid Benjamin…

  • Mr. Instaboob

    In today's Phone Tap, Jose calls a guy who works at a Nutritional Supplement store to question him about some weird side effects that are happening in strange places on his body…

  • Ice Cream Teller

    Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants to resolve a tiny dispute with his bank but unlucky for him, JOSE is his customer service rep and concentration is not his strong suit…

  • Sniff My Dogs Rear

    In today's Phone Tap, we’re calling a dogsitter and seeing how far we can go to make him regret ever doing a favor for his neighbor!

  • 1/8th OJ

    In today's Phone Tap, we call a guy awaiting genealogy results and let him know he’s related to one of the most INFAMOUS, an despised celebs of all time… Any guesses?

  • Jenna’s Mom Has Got It Going On

    If your Tinder Date’s Mom called you before you even met her daughter, would that scare you off for good? We’re hoping so in your Phone Tap happening right now!