Brooke & Jeffrey - Phone Taps

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  • Vertical Zone

    Airlines have been trying to find any way they can to save money recently, and today’s Phone Tap victim is getting the brunt of that when we downgrade their seats from Economy to something even lower!

  • Disabled Driveway

    In your Phone Tap we’re calling a woman and telling her she needs to move her car because we’ve reclassified her entire driveway as a restricted parking area!

  • The Ultimate Pizza Jingle

    Every good restaurant needs a jingle, and lucky for today’s Phone Tap victim, we have the guy who created the “WHOPPER WHOPPER” jingle working on a new tune for his pizza shop!

  • Raidens On A Rampage

    In your Phone Tap we’re instituting a new policy where your food delivery drivers are allowed to eat a REASONABLE amount of your food. And our Phone Tap victim is NOT HAPPY about it…

  • Bumble Parrot

    In your Phone Tap, Jose is tagging in for one of our listeners and introducing himself to a Bumble match with the help of his trusty and invasive Parrot.

  • Sausage Island Getaway

    New Phone Tap! We’re calling a woman and telling her she won an Island Vacation to the Caribbean, just as long as she ditches her boyfriend for a beach full of hot singles...

  • Zira The AI Fitness Sherpa

    In your Phone Tap, the guy we’re calling has a new smart watch fitness tracker and what he doesn’t know is it includes a FREE UPGRADE with a special Brooke & Jeffrey AI to motivate him!

  • 100 Percent Pigeon

    Today’s Phone Tap victim has been waiting on a package for weeks, and we think we’ve figured out her issue: her delivery service has gone 100% Pigeon!

  • Timid Benjamin and the B With a Heart

    In your Phone Tap, Jeffrey is bringing out “Timid Benjamin” the character whose insecurity is only matched by his total lack of self-confidence.

  • Happy Cable Anniversary

    Today’s Phone Tap victim is getting some GOOD NEWS courtesy of Jose calling from her cable company! She’s been such a loyal customer, we’re gonna load her up with the worst channels to ever grace the airwaves.

  • Make My Brulee

    We were given an interesting challenge for today’s Phone Tap: Could we convince someone to do us a favor and make an entire recipe from scratch? Jose’s attempting it today and we’ll see how far he gets!

  • Naughty Nana

    A listener asked us to prank her brother and he sent of their Grandpa’s old knick knacks to be appraised by an antiques dealer, and he’s about to learn some NEW THINGS about his PeePaw he never wanted to hear.

  • On Time Late Fee

    In your new Phone Tap, we’re calling a guy and telling him he’s been paying rent on time for far too long. We would love if he could pay rent late so we could collect fees. Should be an easy ask right?

  • Crazy College Credit Card

    Today’s Phone Tap victim thinks she sent her daughter off to college with a credit card with a $500 limit, but we’re calling her from the bank to tell her the insane charges that have been racked up!

  • Stoner Max the Retirement Chef

    Today’s Phone Tap victim is hiring for a chef at a retirement community, and instead of a well-trained master of cuisine, we’re sending her “Stoner Max” with some genius new food ideas.

  • My Baby Boy’s A Baller

    Today’s Phone Tap victim thinks the younger generation is very entitled, so today Brooke’s going to call her up and try to negotiate a higher salary for her baby boy. Because he deserves it!

  • Work From Home Overwatch

    Working from home might be nice for some, but for today’s Phone Tap victim, we’re gonna be moving into his house to make sure he’s ACTUALLY working hard.

  • The Marvelous Mr. Mushroom Man

    In your Phone Tap, we call a sous chef and offer him a big time TV gig as long as he can put up with the ego of the most pretentious head chef of all time!

  • Gimme Your Stereo

    In your Phone Tap, we call a guy who is selling a stereo on Facebook Marketplace and we’ve showed up at his place while he’s not home to demand he sell it to us, NOW!

  • Rolando’s Mattress Guarantee

    Rolando is back for another Phone Tap! Today we’re calling a mattress customer and telling him his purchase has been certified by a “Rolando Guarantee!”

  • BinocuBuddies

    In todays Phone Tap we call a guy who lives in a tall apartment building and tell him we’ve seen him SNOOPING on his neighbors with bincoulars and now it’s time he gets a taste of his own medicine.

  • The AI is DTF

    We’re helping a woman update her billing information with our all-new “DTF” Artificial Intelligence system named ‘FRED!’

  • Scalpels of Love

    Today’s Phone Tap victim recently matched with a doctor on a dating app, and we’re stepping in to be that flirty doctor… but, at the moment our hands might be full with an active surgery!

  • Resolution Liar

    What if a complete stranger called you up to hold you accountable for your New Year’s Resolutions? It’s happening in today’s Phone Tap!

  • Roomba Customer Service Roulette

    The only thing worse than a difficult customer service call is THREE difficult customer service calls and that’s what Jose is supplying when he pulls out a whole host of characters in your Phone Tap!

  • Slink the Sub

    Today’s Phone Tap victim knows her child’s teacher is out on maternity leave, so we’re going to pretend to be the new sub with the downright weirdest teaching style you’ve ever heard!

  • Car CSI Guy

    In your Phone Tap, Jeffrey is helping a guy buy a used car, but not until he fully investigates every square inch of each and every vehicle on the lot!

  • No Shingles Mo Pringles

    Today’s Phone Tap victim is waiting for an inspector to call him and give him the green light to buy a home, but we’re on the other line instead and his new ROOF has some BIG issues.