Brooke & Jeffrey - Second Date Update

One of our listeners needs our help tracking down a past date for various reasons. We’ll call them up and try to figure out what went wrong and maybe even secure a Second Date!

  • Cake by The Tesla

    The guy from today’s Second Date Update brought his dinner date back to his place, but before the magic could begin.. something tragic happened!

  • Return of Logan and the Notecards

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update made his date sit through 7 minutes of uninterrupted silence as a way of BONDING them closer together? Did it work? Probably not… but we’ll talk to him anyway!

  • Rule of Three

    When you think of a moment of passion on a first date, just one might be enough to secure a second date. But THREE happened on Tara’s date with Ian and she’s BAFFLED over why she’s not getting a call back!

  • Muppet Dinner

    Is it weird if a guy shows up to your date with two mysterious duffel bags? It happened to one of our listeners and she’ll tell us what weird things he was keeping in the bags in your Second Date Update!

  • Tragedy To The Rescue

    If only Hannah from today’s Second Date Update had taken Netflix’s suggestion for a romantic movie, none of this would have happened. She didn’t and now she’s begging us for help!

  • Ew David

    A potential future celebrity reached out, asking for our help in the love department. We’ll find out who they are… and what happened during their night out, in your Second Date Update!

  • The Irish Jig Is Up

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update spent one hour with his date’s MOM and now he isn’t calling her daughter back. What did mom say that scared him away? You gotta listen to find out!

  • The Situationship

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update is somewhere between a casual courtship and exclusively non-exclusive. So we’re gonna try to clear things up for her.

  • Lions, Tigers, Capybaras Oh My

    Not only was the guy in today’s Second Date Update humiliated on his night out, but it was at the hands of a 9-year old!

  • Fearsome Foursome

    Today we have a special Second Date Update UPDATE! We will talk with Anthony & Mallory about how things are going after their previous second date update. Are you ready for this??

  • No Ghost For You

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update believes she’s CRACKED the code on finding the perfect match and although we’re skeptical, she swears it works!

  • Guinness What In The World Record

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update attempted to become world-renowned for feet stuff. Not only did he fail that venture, his date left him hanging as well. We’ll try to help out World Record-attempter Kyle!

  • Feel for the Third Wheel

    One of our listeners got to that crucial post-date moment where a kiss SHOULD happen, but she hesitated… what caused her to blow her big chance? Your Second Date Update will explain!

  • Match Mix and Repeat

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update says the other patrons of the restaurant were giving her weird looks all night, all because of one thing she was compulsively doing. Did it cause the guy she was with to ditch her? You gotta listen to find out.

  • Pre-Engagement Ring

    We’ve seen a lot of red flags on our show over the years, but none was bigger or redder than what one woman surprised her date with before they even got to know each other!

  • Get Wiggy With It

    The couple in today’s Second Date tried to portray themselves as successful artists at a gallery opening, and all of their lies caught up with them in a big way!

  • The Long Game

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update was completely floored once she ended up back at a guy’s place. There was no question she wants to see him again. But the real question is why doesn’t he want to see her?

  • You Look Familiar...

    The date one of our listeners had with a woman might be the biggest Twilight Zone experience we’ve ever had on this show! 

  • Strip Sushi

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update invented a brand new game to play on a first date, and once you hear how it’s played we guarantee you’ll be talking about it for years to come!

  • Cat Catfish

    Here's your Second Date Update! How can you be sure the person you’re dating actually is who they say they are? You can come to us for help but we just might make it worse…

  • Dating Periodically

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update says she has a ONE SENTENCE TEST that always weeds out weirdos on dates… You gotta hear what it is for yourself!

  • Trust Fall Tik Tok

    The listener who needed our help with a Second Date Update shared a juicy detail from their first meetup that had us all floored but made us promise to not bring it up when we called his date. We’re always up for a challenge though!

  • Punch-Drunk Brunch

    There’s ONE thing you can order at brunch that GUARANTEES, you’ll both have a good time… Find out what it is in your brand new Second Date Update!

  • 8 Trees A Trimmin

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update forgot something important and derailed her date with a 30 minute detour to fix it. Is that a deal-breaker or just the tip of the romance ice berg? Find out!

  • Mexican Food Mystery

    One of our listeners contacted us asking for a Second Date Update because he woke up with a receipt for SIXTY tacos the morning after....

  • Smells Like Tween Spirit

    One of our listeners claims he was having a great date with a beautiful woman… but it was ruined by a roving group of 13-year olds. We had no idea how bad it was until he explained it all, in your Second Date Update!

  • Single For A Night

    Today's Second Date Update guest swears that the girl he went out with is the one.... the one he wants to go out on another date with that is. Let's see if we can help him out with that!

  • C’est La Spit

    Today's Second Date Update contains a little lie but is that why she's not calling him back? We will find out!

  • Fast Food Limo

    This guy had a classy date but something went wrong so, he got a hold of us to see if we could secure him a second date!