Brooke & Jeffrey - Textual Healing

Our way of helping our listeners who have issues in the texting department is through some Textual Healing...

  • GIF Giving

    Jayda is in need of our help today and we aim to do the job right....

  • Picking Up An Olderly

    Today we are helping a listener names Jason with some Textual Healing!

  • Proposal Predicament

    Emily want's us to block love for her today, but we end up with a HUGE plot twist! you've gotta hear what happened!!!

  • Take a Dip In Rent

    One of our listeners caught her landlord in a very compromising position and what she doesn’t next could either be the SMARTEST or DUMBET move of her entire life. We’re gonna help her with some Textual Healing...

  • Stolen Phone Stolen Heart

    Teri is super sus of her roommate and we can't say we blame her so, we are gonna help her figure out what's going on!

  • Rebecca Trifecta

    This could have been a Second Date Update or even a Loser Line message but we decided we wanted to help Josh through a little Textual Healing today!

  • I'm Leaking

    Stella & Caleb had a very interesting encounter and now Stella needs our help reaching out to Caleb.

  • Breakup Text

    This guy cannot handle the real deal and needs some help.