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6PM Sunsets Have Finally Returned To The Pacific Northwest

You know the drill, every November we turn the clocks back one hour and it starts the "extended period of darkness" with sunsets coming at 4:30 and on some days, it feels earlier. But year in and year out, we get through that and come into March with excitement of more daylight and warmer temperatures. (ok, we still might have to wait a bit for those warmer temps to really kick in) but I think it's safe to say we're ready for more daylight. 

I've been noticing more and more over the past few weeks, when I leave the gym around 5:30 or so, I'm no longer walking out in pitch darkness and it just feels good.

Over the weekend, we officially had our first post 6pm sunset since October.

Each day, Seattle continues to gain over three minutes of daylight and will continue to gain at least two minutes of daylight each day through May 25. 

Seattle will continue to gain daylight until June 21 when there will be nearly 16 hours of daylight. The sunset will be at 9:11 p.m. on that day. 

As an added bonus, the Spring Equinox is only 15 days away and sunsets will be later than 7 p.m. beginning Sunday, March 12 as the clock "springs forward" an hour with Daylight Savings Time.


This was sunset last night (Sunday March 5th near the Port of Grays Harbor) taken at 5:55. :)


AJ Battalio