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Is It Legal To Bury Your Spouse In Your Yard In Washington?

After they're dead of course. Sure, we love our spouses but sometimes they get on our nerves and we get on their nerves, it's a common thing in any normal relationship and as much as you'd like to sometimes bury them for doing the things that drives you crazy the most, this is simply a question for those that are or have ever legitimately wondered.

Well if you've ever thought that would be a good idea and something you would like to explore, the good news is that most states, Washington included does NOT permit burial on private property so, you can't bury a spouse in your yard.


It's actually a lot more common than you think or at least it's legal to do it in more places than you might think because other than Washington, only Oregon and Indiana do not allow this to happen.


So if you'd like to keep you spouse or loved one close to you after their death and have them buried on your property, you'll have to move to another state to do so and if you do, here's a little tutorial on the manual labor process.