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Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentines Day

I may have a couple in mind for this one. If YOU have an ex or two that when you think of them, you physically get ill and your skin crawls, then do the right thing and name a cockroach in their honor.

Is it a bit petty, sure but sometimes it's fun to be petty and I think this is a fun thing to do and thanks to a zoo in Toronto, they're giving you a chance to make it happen.

Conservancy is giving the public a shot to donate and dedicate the cockroach to that NOT so special person in your life.

Even if you don't have an ex that makes your skin crawl, chances are there's someone like an ex boss, friend, bad neighbor etc...

You can donate online, just make sure you mention the name in the dedication and the zoo will take care of the rest and share the names at the end of the campaign.