Monday 25th October 2021

Tail waggin Long

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Tail Waggin' Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, we showcase special animals that need loving homes.

Here are our latest featured pets...

Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: Denali

This pretty little girl is Denali. She is a black lab mix and chances are she won’t be little for long. Denali is absolutely adorable. She loves everyone and everything in the world. Children and cats included.

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Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: Molly

This sweet girl is Molly. She is very gentle and affectionate, and she gets along well with the other cats, and everyone she meets. Molly was found abandoned with tiny kittens. She raised them well in a

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Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: Neil

This sweet, gentle, brave boy is Neil and he’s brought to you by Whitney’s Auto Group. He came to us in very poor condition. He has had surgery for entropion, which is turned eyelids, so the lashes

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