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Brooke & Jeffrey - Second Date Update

One of our listeners needs our help tracking down a past date for various reasons. We’ll call them up and try to figure out what went wrong and maybe even secure a Second Date!

  • Pawn Shop N Show

    What if we told you there was a way to have a wild, adventurous date and you’ll leave with MORE MONEY than you started with? We just learned about it from the guy in today’s Second Date Update!

  • Doggy Bag

    Today’s Second Date Update started a huge controversy in studio, and it was all because of one innocent thing a guy did at the tail end of his date.

  • 20 Treadmills of Love

    Here's your Second Date Update! Alaina was SHOCKED when she got a look inside Trey’s home but he swears his collection isn’t weird. Find out what it is!

  • Relationship Recipe Fail

    One of our listeners paid to fly a woman out to meet him… and the date went so bad she bought her own flight home a day early! Hear what happened in your Second Date Update!

  • Coffee And Canines

    If we could give any advice to the average dater today it would be: BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING IF YOU COME TO US FOR HELP. You’ll hear what we mean in this Second Date Update!

  • Trust Fails

    How long should a first date last? The couple in today’s Second Date Update had their date last much, much longer than either one of them expected....

  • No Fun Top Gun

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update tried to come up with a cool date idea, and he did. But once they were there he had to CONSTANTLY say “NO” to his date. Can we help get a “Yes” back from her?

  • First Date Worth The Wait

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update was willing to do something that took A LOT of patience, selflessness, and understanding… hear if his sacrifice was worth it

  • Salty Saltine

    One of our listeners tried online dating for the first time, and was so nervous she brought someone or some-THING along with her. Find out what it is in your Second Date Update!

  • Secret Garden Shocker

    In today’s Second Date Update we learned about a dating app that NONE of us had even heard of before, and even though we were skeptical.. it helped Justin secure his match!

  • Model Convention

    The peculiar thing Aaron saw when he picked up his date at the start of the night RUINED his entire evening and you’ll hear what it was in a brand new Second Date Update!

  • Crystal Clear Aura

    The woman on the phone for today’s Second Date Update had a date at a café where she pulled something out of her purse and rubbed it on the guy’s leg… It sounds strange, but it’ll make sense once you find out what it is.

  • Italian Surprise

    Claire said she met a guy the other night who almost got her ARRESTED. So why does she want another date with him?? Find out right now!

  • Todd the Bod

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update gave himself a saucy nickname that you’ll never forget. You’ll hear it and hear how turned on Brooke was by it, in your Second Date Update right now!

  • RomANTS Isn’t Dead

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update is for sure one of the most unique and interesting women we’ve ever had on the show. Buckle up for a new call!

  • Hot Body Who

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update openly admits she was giving her date ALL the signals… But why didn’t he reciprocate? Find out right now!

  • Lift Your Spirits

    Nicole and Shawn met in a chaotic way on our show a few months ago, but after helping secure another date, they’re back to talk to us about how life has been since their second rendezvous!

  • Finding Nemo Losing Date

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update is wondering if the surprise he prepared on the first date was TOO MUCH, and now wants our help to reconnect with the woman he might have scared away!

  • Dating Is Like a Box of Chocolates

    James was vulnerable on his first date with Whitney and after he shared his hopes and dreams his evening went downhill quick..

  • Not-So Spontaneous

    Today’s Second Date Update played out like an epic game of clue. Someone pulled one of the sneakiest and most backstabbing moves in show history. Hear who it was and what they did next!

  • Lobster Lunges

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update knew a WEIRD amount of person info about Stephanie before they met up. He says it’s not creepy and entirely REASONABLE. Judge for yourself.

  • Dream Woman

    We may have met the baddest of all BADDIES in today’s Second Date Update… and it’s all because of HOW he managed to seduce his date…

  • Male Model Mishap

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update shouldn’t need our help… he’s a male model. But his first date went from really great to really awkward and now he’s wondering if he made a mistake?

  • Fran Fiction

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update might have divulged a little TOO MUCH when she was asked about her career… and while her answer was true… he’s 100% not calling her back…

  • Have Your Car Cake and Eat It Too

    The date idea that our listener in today’s Second Date concocted is so cool, we just know it’s gonna go viral so we’re gonna get in on the ground floor.

  • The Hibachi Trick

    Logan went into his first date with Megan with a plan to create a memorable moment, but halfway through dinner he managed to get booted from the restaurant! Find out what he pulled in your Second Date Update

  • Pretty Fly For A Non-Brazillian Guy

    The woman in today’s Second Date Update has to defend her one weird habit that she swears is NATURAL, but it left all of us shocked.

  • Ghosting Karma

    One of our listeners had his date spoiled by something he saw inside the restaurant. It was unexpected and he’s hoping his date didn’t catch on… you’ll find out what happened in your Second Date Update.