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Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning

Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Middle of the Night Gotcha

    Doug heard his girlfriend making a secretive phone call and what he heard her say changed EVERYTHING. He’ll explain the predicament he found himself in with a brand new Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Breakin Out of the Friend Zone

    Is the FriendZone a real place? One of our listeners swears he’s stuck there and wants to use the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call to try and escape!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Pretend Boyfriend

    Today’s Awkward Tuesday Phone Call involves a fake relationship, stolen kisses and a VERY awkward conversation that needs to be had.

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Backstabbing Best Friend

    Tommy has been getting a weird VIBE from his girlfriend’s best friend, and he thinks the only way to handle it is an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call.

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

Brooke & Jeffrey - Battle Of The Tinder Dates

Brooke & Jeffrey - Busted

Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 6-6-23

    Today Jeff has some great stories lined up BUT will the team think so too? Find out right now!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 5-30-23

    Let's see what stories the Brooke and Jeffrey team care about today!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 5-23-23

    Today we have some great stories lined up. Let's see what the team cares about and if there's anything they don't want to hear.

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 5-16-23

    Jeff has some brand new headlines to read off to his co-hosts to see if it's enticing enough for them to care to hear it!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

Brooke & Jeffrey - Laser Stories

Brooke & Jeffrey - Loser Line

Brooke & Jeffrey - Masked Speaker

Brooke & Jeffrey - Missed Connections

Brooke & Jeffrey - Phone Taps

  • Automology Expert

    In this Phone Tap, Brooke is calling an auto body shop and she’s not going to be taken advantage of just because she’s a woman. In fact she’s the most knowledgeable car owner of ALL TIME!

  • Crooked Refs

    In today’s Phone Tap, we call a guy who recently signed up to be a youth sports ref and tell him all the ways we’re planning to rig the games in our favor!

  • Full House Method

    In this Phone Tap, we’re calling the mother of a pre-schooler to let her know her new pre-school has a peculiar curriculum. It’s called “The Full House Method” and it’s the brain child of Brooke Fox!

  • DJ Hamster Goes Hard

    What 60th birthday present do you get for the best mom ever? How about an original dubstep song from the worst DJ on planet earth. Only in this Phone Tap

Brooke & Jeffrey - Riffin Around

Brooke & Jeffrey - Second Date Update

  • Pawn Shop N Show

    What if we told you there was a way to have a wild, adventurous date and you’ll leave with MORE MONEY than you started with? We just learned about it from the guy in today’s Second Date Update!

  • Doggy Bag

    Today’s Second Date Update started a huge controversy in studio, and it was all because of one innocent thing a guy did at the tail end of his date.

  • 20 Treadmills of Love

    Here's your Second Date Update! Alaina was SHOCKED when she got a look inside Trey’s home but he swears his collection isn’t weird. Find out what it is!

  • Relationship Recipe Fail

    One of our listeners paid to fly a woman out to meet him… and the date went so bad she bought her own flight home a day early! Hear what happened in your Second Date Update!

Brooke & Jeffrey - Shock Collar Question Of The Day

Brooke & Jeffrey - Textual Healing

  • GIF Giving

    Jayda is in need of our help today and we aim to do the job right....

  • Picking Up An Olderly

    Today we are helping a listener names Jason with some Textual Healing!

  • Proposal Predicament

    Emily want's us to block love for her today, but we end up with a HUGE plot twist! you've gotta hear what happened!!!

  • Take a Dip In Rent

    One of our listeners caught her landlord in a very compromising position and what she doesn’t next could either be the SMARTEST or DUMBET move of her entire life. We’re gonna help her with some Textual Healing...

Brooke & Jeffrey - What's On Your Mind

  • What's On Your Mind 6-7-23

    A mysterious and solitary stranger at a train station nearly ruined Alexis’ whole night, but some quick thinking saved her life. Hear her explain the whole debacle during “What’s On Your Mind?”

  • What's On Your Mind 5-31-23

    Jeffrey went house hunting this weekend and he had one of the strangest interactions with a realtor we’ve ever heard of. Hear what strange requests she had for him during ‘What’s On Your Mind’

  • What's On Your Mind 5-24-23

    We hit up Digital Jake’s wedding last weekend and it’s still on our minds today! Hear all about who got the drunkest, who overdressed, and who RAN to make it in time.

  • What's On Your Mind 5-17-23

    Jose has the romantic opportunity of the summer coming up and it’s all thanks to a wedding, a girl he knew back in high school, and FATE. Hear his story during What’s On Your Mind!

Brooke & Jeffrey - Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse?

Brooke & Jeffrey - Young Jeffrey's Song Of The Week

  • Somehow I Dirty Danced With The Groom

    It’s Wedding Season! And if you find yourself as an awkward plus one this summer, don’t worry, Young Jeffrey can relate and he’s got a new Song of the Week all about it!

  • Walking Out of School Goodbye

    Seniors across the country are graduating and just as essential as a cap and gown is a brand new Song of the Week from Young Jeffrey!

  • This Is Why You’re My Mommy

    It’s Mothers Day this Sunday! If you haven’t gotten your mom a present yet, just tell her to catch Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week.

  • Just One Margarita

    It’s Cinco De Mayo! But has the celebrating been hitting DIFFERENTLY lately? Young Jeffrey has a song of the week all about that!


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