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Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning

  • Japanese Wearable Bean Bag

    While the Japanese Wearable Bean Bag is pretty cool we have the top 5 other inventions lazy people wanna see on the market.

  • Milf Manor

    The newest reality show comes with the WORST twist EVER! You've gotta hear what it is!!

  • Closure Call 2-2-23

    Our listener Dana wants to reconnect with her long lost little bro so she gave us a call to see if we can help her out. Listen to what happened in our Closure Call.

  • TikTok Click Shock 1-27-23

    A two year relationship with no kissing?? I'm not sure that's healthy...

Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Pre-Nup or Pre-Nope

    One of our listeners has a looming conversation coming up and it’s one of the most difficult things you could ever talk about with a loved one. Before it happens they want our help via an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Morgan’s Mama Drama

    Today’s Awkward Tuesday Phone Call includes some LEVEL 5 MAMA DRAMA and a listener named Morgan wants to confront her mom after she interfered in a date.

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Juggling John

    We’re always up to tackle some relationship drama and today we’re using an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call to help listener John with his love life!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

  • Don’t Raise The Sails

    The woman in today’s Awkward Tuesday Phone Call emailed us for help because she swears her friend is about to make a terrible financial decision and she doesn’t know how to tell him. We’re making a $10,000 Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

Brooke & Jeffrey - Battle Of The Tinder Dates

Brooke & Jeffrey - Busted

Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 2-7-23

    We may have the weirdest story you'll hear out of Florida all year!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 1-31-23

    We have a list of the health advice you should not follow anymore according to leading health experts. Listen to find out what habits you should be kicking to the curb.

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 1-24-23

    Trip advisor just came out with their best food destinations for your munchcation.

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

  • Care Or Don't Care 1-17-23

    In-N-Out just announce a new location!!

    — Brooke & Jeffrey - Care Or Don't Care

Brooke & Jeffrey - Laser Stories

  • Laser Stories 2-6-23

    There's a forum online about things some people might think are a sign of intelligence but they're acutely not. We have that list right here!

  • Laser Stories 2-3-23

    We have the skinny on Netflix's new password sharing crackdowns. Listen now!

  • Laser Stories 2-1-23

    We are 2 weeks away from Valentines day. Do you know how much the average person plans to spend this year? We do! Listen to find out.

  • Laser Stories 1-30-23

    Overrated money saving hacks? Yeah we got the list.

Brooke & Jeffrey - Loser Line

Brooke & Jeffrey - Masked Speaker

Brooke & Jeffrey - Missed Connections

Brooke & Jeffrey - Phone Taps

  • Vertical Zone

    Airlines have been trying to find any way they can to save money recently, and today’s Phone Tap victim is getting the brunt of that when we downgrade their seats from Economy to something even lower!

  • Disabled Driveway

    In your Phone Tap we’re calling a woman and telling her she needs to move her car because we’ve reclassified her entire driveway as a restricted parking area!

  • The Ultimate Pizza Jingle

    Every good restaurant needs a jingle, and lucky for today’s Phone Tap victim, we have the guy who created the “WHOPPER WHOPPER” jingle working on a new tune for his pizza shop!

  • Raidens On A Rampage

    In your Phone Tap we’re instituting a new policy where your food delivery drivers are allowed to eat a REASONABLE amount of your food. And our Phone Tap victim is NOT HAPPY about it…

Brooke & Jeffrey - Riffin Around

Brooke & Jeffrey - Second Date Update

  • Cake by The Tesla

    The guy from today’s Second Date Update brought his dinner date back to his place, but before the magic could begin.. something tragic happened!

  • Return of Logan and the Notecards

    The guy in today’s Second Date Update made his date sit through 7 minutes of uninterrupted silence as a way of BONDING them closer together? Did it work? Probably not… but we’ll talk to him anyway!

  • Rule of Three

    When you think of a moment of passion on a first date, just one might be enough to secure a second date. But THREE happened on Tara’s date with Ian and she’s BAFFLED over why she’s not getting a call back!

  • Muppet Dinner

    Is it weird if a guy shows up to your date with two mysterious duffel bags? It happened to one of our listeners and she’ll tell us what weird things he was keeping in the bags in your Second Date Update!

Brooke & Jeffrey - Shock Collar Question Of The Day

Brooke & Jeffrey - Textual Healing

  • Rebecca Trifecta

    This could have been a Second Date Update or even a Loser Line message but we decided we wanted to help Josh through a little Textual Healing today!

  • I'm Leaking

    Stella & Caleb had a very interesting encounter and now Stella needs our help reaching out to Caleb.

  • Breakup Text

    This guy cannot handle the real deal and needs some help.

Brooke & Jeffrey - What's On Your Mind

  • What's On Your Mind 2-1-23

    Brooke thinks she's so cool because of what happened at the club, Jose might have blown his chance at romance, Alexis is a little salty with her mom and Jeff is down to his last pair of pants and shoes...

  • What's On Your Mind Wednesday 1-25-23

    Brooke scored gold, Jose might change his face, Alexis is a cereal cheater and Jeff googled himself.

  • What's On Your Mind 1-18-23

    Brooke in Pottery Class, Jose and His Car, Alexis and Combat Boots and Jeffrey in the Grocery Store.

  • What's On Your Mind 1-11-23

    Brook feels bad, Jose is excited for Saturday, Alexis is all about this dress and Jeffrey is upset abut his mistake.

Brooke & Jeffrey - Whatcha Doin At The Courthouse?

Brooke & Jeffrey - Young Jeffrey's Song Of The Week

  • Read You Weather

    Sunday is an official holiday honoring one of the most underrated and crucial jobs in all of society? Is it your job? Find out when Young Jeffrey dedicates his Song of the Week!

  • Take My Rose

    The Bachelor has pioneered reality dating for over 20 years and Young Jeffrey thinks it’s finally time to honor it with a Song of the Week!

  • Gen Like Z

    Sooner than later, Generation Alpha is going to make Gen Z look like old news, but before that happens Young Jeffrey has a brand new Song of the Week celebrating what ZOOMERS have contributed to the world.

  • Year Had Me Shook

    Young Jeffrey has a brand new Song of the Week that’s perfect for saying goodbye once and for all to the weird and wonderful year that was 2022!


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