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Expensive Taste: The Most Ridiculously Priced Sandwiches In The World

Just when you think the world couldn't get any crazier, comes this. Some research was done recently and they've given us some of the most ridiculously priced sandwiches in the world including a sandwich at Burger King in Japan that has a $200+ price tag on it--yes you're reading that correctly over two HUNDRED dollars.

Some of these sandwiches have ingredients on there that not only I've never heard of but can't even pronounce and yes there's even one with REAL gold on it. Why would you want to eat a sandwich with real gold on it? I have no clue but check out some of these crazy sandwiches around the world but even crazier than the sandwiches are the people that would spend the money on these sandwiches. 


Check out the most expensive sandwiches in the world HERE.

Photo Credit: CNBC TV 18