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Go Play Outside! The Amazing Benefits Of Taking In Washington's Fresh Air

People who spend more time outside are healthier, more energetic, and more productive than those who do not. A study of 2,000 adults reveals those spending 20 hours or more per week in a green or natural space were 41 percent more productive on an average day than those spending less than 30 minutes a week outside.

Three-quarters of all adults claim time in nature or green spaces gives them a boost of happiness that keeps them going all day – a feeling experienced by 92 percent of those spending the most time outside.

Meanwhile, 79 percent said it also makes them feel healthier and more energetic.

A clearer mind (44%), sleeping more soundly (28%), and feeling less stressed (38%) are also among the top health benefits people reported after going outdoors – as well as feeling better physically and mentally (70%). Those spending more time than they would like indoors often feel sluggish (37%), tired (25%), and isolated (16%).