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Here's How You Can "Scrap Your Ex" For Valentines Day

They say it's good to just move on from a bad relationship, take the lessons learned and focus on the present but sometimes, that's hard and there are things like THIS that you can do.

A car scrapping company in Britain is offering jilted exes the chance to send former lovers to the junk heap for Valentine’s Day.
Scrap Car Comparison announced its “Scrap Your Ex” program will allow people to have cars named after their exes before being sent to the scrap heap.

“Offering a unique form of ‘car-tharsis’ for anyone that has recently gone through a breakup, the ‘Scrap Your Ex’ scheme is open for a limited time to anyone worldwide who wants to trash the memories of a past relationship, or even nominate a friend’s ex that deserves to be junked,”

 The person who nominated their ex for scrapping will receive photographic evidence of the deed. I LOVE this. 

Photo Credit: UPI