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Meet The New Owners Of The Goonies House In Astoria

There are two new people that now call the iconic white Victorian on a hill in Astoria, Ore., home where the 1985 cult classic movie was filmed. 

Behman Zakeri, said he fulfilled a childhood dream when he purchased the house for just over $1.65 million. 

He's a super fan and that's great news for fans of the movie and the house itself as well since he said "his first priority is to ensure the house will never say die. 

"The reason I'm buying it is for the community," said Zakeri. "Somebody's got to be the caretaker, somebody's got to preserve the landmark. Somebody has to keep it original and not get demoed."

The house, which is in a residential neighborhood down in Astoria, Oregon has attracted fans of the movie for many years...including my wife and I who made our initial visit a few years back. It was pretty hard to get a close look because the home's previous owner wasn't into people being on their property, especially after the 30th anniversary of the film brought as many as 1,500 visitors a day to the house, the owner temporarily covered the house in tarps and posted “no trespassing” signs prohibiting tourists from walking up to the property.

Understood because it IS your home and property but at the same time, if you happen to live in such a famous house, you're going to have to expect some people to be excited to check it out but she did later reopened the home to the public.

The city of Astoria also imposed strict fines for parking in "no parking" areas in the neighborhood because of the amount of tourist traffic. 

Its new owner hopes to keep it accessible for tourists who want to pay a visit. 

"Goonies are welcome," said Zakeri. He said he has no problem with fans taking selfies at the property -- he was once one himself -- and only asked that they be respectful of the surrounding neighborhood.

Can't wait to make a return visit and this time, a little more up close and personal!