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Record Heat Could Be Coming To Grays Harbor This Weekend

Let's face it, the weather in Grays Harbor can change in an instant and this time of year, we can have days where it still feels like winter and then we can have a stretch where it feels like downright summer, and that's what we can expect over the next couple of days.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures for today (Thursday) will be in the mid 60's and continue to climb through Friday and Saturday when record highs are expect to hit in the mid to upper 70's even pushing 80!  Beach anyone? 

The record high for April 28th (Friday) is 76, which there is a very good chance that will be broken and then for Saturday the record high is 80 which depending on certain forecast models could break in Seattle but me be just a tad cooler here on the Coast.

After the past few months, go out and soak up as much sunshine as you possibly can.