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Washington Is About To Get Its Very First In 'N' Out Burger

California's famous In 'N' Out Burger has never been to Washington, but now that's about to change. After slowly making its way up the west coast with several locations over the years.

In-n-Out Burger plans on coming to Ridgefield, according to a media release from In-n-Out Burger.

Ridgefield is just north of Vancouver in Clark County.

Once permits and approvals are in place, the company said it could take eight to nine months to build the restaurant and officially open for business, therefore they were reticent to give an exact opening date.


“We look forward to the possibility of being a part of the Ridgefield community, and having this great location to serve our Customers,” the statement concluded.

According to KOIN, the location would be in the Ridgefield Union Ridge Town Center.

The current closest location to Grays Harbor is in Keizer, Oregon, approximately 45 miles south of Portland so this one will be a little closer if you ever get the urge.

Personally, I don't think their burgers and anything to get crazy about, I mean they're good but in my humble opinion, we have some local places here in Grays Harbor that make a much better burger but if you ever want to try it just to say you did, you can.

Photo Credit: Facebook/KIRO