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Washington Is Ranked 3rd For Most UFO Sightings

With all of the talk recently about UFO sightings and how the government has evidence of not just UFO crashes but of actual alien pilots has me curious and I'm not going to lie, a little creeped out. 

I've always been a casual believer because the universe is such a vast place, there HAS to be other people/aliens out there other than us right? 

There have been thousands of sightings all over the country over the years but many have been either written off as hoaxes by "weirdos" or space balloons, spy balloons or something like that but recent reports from our own government really has many curious and demanding more information. 

Right here in Washington, we have had our fair share of UFO sightings, in fact only two other states (Florida and California) have had more UFO sightings than us as a whopping 5004 sightings have been reported since 1998.


So I have to ask the all important question...do YOU believe? (I know after some of the stuff I've been hearing seeing in the news recently, I 100% do and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little creeped out by what I've been hearing.