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Washington's Rejected Vanity Plates

I'm kind of surprised that these are even still a thing but apparently they are. Thousands of Washingtonians, every year apply for vanity plates and while some are perfectly fine, some do get rejected and understandably so.

Here are a few of the vanity plates that crossed the line and were rejected in the past year here in Washington.


To be exact, over 13,600 rejected vanity plates have been rejected over the past year or so and while we obviously can’t give out all of them all,  here’s a look at a few that didn’t make it this year:

  • IH8YOU
  • BSUS

You get the picture… if you can think of it, people have tried it. If anything, it’s a good way to get peoples brains working, trying to figure out how they can evade detection for the perfect raunchy license plate.

Some of these bring out a chuckle but most of them are flat out offensive and painful.