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  • Current Projects

    Public Works projects that currently being developed or implemented

  • Fire Department Call statistics

  • Museum Board

    The Board of Museum and History meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. on the 3rd floor of Aberdeen City Hall. You can find information on the Board of Museum and History in the Aberdeen Municipal Code, section 2.64. Board Members: George Donovan - Chair, Mike Schmidt - Vice Chair, John Shaw, Don Lentz, Jamie Brand, Vicki Mitchell, Council Appointed Position - Tim Alstrom

  • Utilities

    Access helpful forms and documents of the Utilities division.

  • Donors & Sponsors

    The City of Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Department and the Aberdeen Beautification Committee wants to extend a big thank you to our numerous people and businesses that have generously opened their pockets to provide the Aberdeen Beautification Project with financial support. It would not be possible without you. Thank You!

  • Parks & Recreation

    Aberdeen has close to 20 parks spread over approximately 273 acres of within the city limits. An additional 150 acres have been developed for community use.

  • Business Licensing

  • City Council

    The City of Aberdeen operates under the mayor-council form of government, where policy and administration are separated. All legislative and policy-making powers are vested in the city council. The administrative authority, including veto power, is vested in the mayor.

  • Human Resources

    The Department of Human Resources provides programs and services in support of a high-performing workforce and organizational excellence. Human Resources services include recruitment and employment, compensation and benefits, and wellness programs.

  • Flood Maps

    Browse through a collection of maps ranging from city maps to flood maps.